Green Homes Voucher Scheme – Everything you need to know

Homeowners in the UK will be given grants of up to £5,000 to make their properties more energy-efficient as part of a Green Homes Vouchers scheme being launched in September by the chancellor, Rishi Sunak.

What is the new scheme?

The new Green Homes Vouchers programme will give eligible property owners a green home voucher to pay for improvements such as wall, floor or loft insulation, or double glazing to help make their homes more environmentally friendly. As part of this scheme, the government will be providing up to £2 billion of energy grants.

Who can apply?

The Green Homes Grant will be available to homeowners in the UK and owners of rental properties. Long leaseholders may also be able to apply in some circumstances, with permission from the leaseholder.

When can I apply?

Green Home Vouchers are available now. An online government tool offers the chance to see whether you might be eligible, and how much you might be able to apply for. You can find it here:

Key points about the energy grants

The Green Home scheme is designed to give eligible homeowners in England vouchers to help fund the cost of environmentally-friendly improvements to their home. In some cases, these vouchers will cover the entire cost, but in most cases, they will cover part of it.

Homeowners that successfully apply for a voucher will have until March 31st of next year to use it – giving just a six-month window to get the necessary works completed. The scheme has been set up to boost energy efficiency, but also to help encourage an economic rebound and to create jobs after the pandemic lockdown; hence the short window of opportunity for homeowners.

The Green Homes Vouchers is only open to homeowners in England, so it doesn’t cover properties across the rest of the UK.

What sort of work can I get done with my voucher?

The UK government provided a full list of energy-efficient improvements that are allowed under the scheme, and it is fairly complex. Certain ‘primary’ improvements must be installed to qualify, such as low-carbon heating or insulation.

If you already have these things in place, you can use your voucher to upgrade or ‘top-up’ your existing measures – such as by bringing old insulation up to current standards. However, you can’t use the voucher to replace a system that is already installed.

If a primary improvement is being installed, you can also use your voucher to add a secondary measure, such as draught-proofing, energy-efficient doors, and double or triple glazing (only to replace single glazing).

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